Super Woo Radio
“Answers to the Big Questions”

Welcome to Super Woo Radio.

Super Woo Radio is a free podcast co-hosted by george kavassilas and Jason Bawden-Smith. Two great friends, from completely different backgrounds, talk about the answers to the big questions. No heady academic concepts just raw and real discussions (with a splash of humour) about the primordial questions of life.

Their aim is to help you to re-discover the truth of what life is really about - beyond religious, scientific and new-age paradigms. To help trigger a deep inner knowing that resides in all of us so that you may re-claim your sovereignty. YOU are more significant and magnificent in the greater scheme of things than you can currently imagine or comprehend.

george and Jason are both strong advocates of self empowerment. They are no-nonsense, down to earth truth seekers who like to tell it how it is. While humble and respectful, some may perceive them as professional shit stirrers and others as true sceptics. To know exactly what the show is all about we highly recommend you listen to the first show.

Most podcasts include special guests who will share their unique experiences and perspectives on life’s big issues. The show is broadcast sporadically, .i.e. when its suits the hosts and their guests. There is no set time limit for each podcast. The length of the show will be determined by the quality of the discussions.

To listen to the podcast you must become a Friend of Super Woo Radio. There is no subscription fee and the show is free of commercials, except for some shameless plugs for OJH and our guests. This allows the hosts and guests to talk freely without interruption allowing continuity and clarity of content. Friends of Super Woo radio will be sent an email when a new podcast is posted on the OJH website. Announcements of new podcasts will also be made via the OJH Mailing List.

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